Thursday, October 18, 2012

Picnic / Hat Day

 Keeler is back loving school!  We had a few days recently where he was crying when I dropped him off.  I think going in the afternoon has been an adjustment since he was still napping.  Granny says most days he still takes a little nap after-school.   Luckily I think we are in the routine of things and doing well. 
Today is a special day at school – it’s picnic and hat day.  All week Keeler has been talking about it.  “What’s it going to be like mom?  Did you have a picnic at school when you were a little girl? Etc…” 
I asked Keeler what he wanted to take in his lunch.  His response:  “A cheese sandwich, a cheese stick, a banana and a juice.”   Sounded like a good choice, a bit cheesy, but this morning I packed up his lunch.  It felt like a milestone:  our first school lunch.   My baby is growing up too fast!!
I can’t wait to hear all about his special day!
This is the:  "Okay mom, enough with the pictures face."


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