Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy Weekends

Life has been crazy the past few weeks.  My apologies for the lack of post but I am just trying to catch my breath!  Prepare yourself for a long post and tons a pictures because we have some catching up to do.
The weekend before last our family ventured to Texas to help my sister decorate after she moved into her new home.  It is beautiful.  I am so room, game room, beautiful hardwood floors - the works!  She plans on doing a before and after post on her blog soon so I will definitely share!  
We also went to celebrate my father-in-law’s 60th birthday.  My mother-in-law threw him a great surprise party…and boy was he surprised.  It was an adult party, which is rare in our family, so my sister was so sweet to watch our little cowboys.  They did great and we enjoyed the adult time, perhaps a bit too much! :)  We had dinner at my in-laws house and then went out dancing.  Jim loves to dance so he was on cloud nine.  This man hates birthdays and anything to do with aging but I actually heard him say, “this is the best birthday party ever!!”  We all just love Jim-dad and had fun celebrating with him.
My apologies for the goofiness but we don’t get out much!
 Pam made Jim the sweetest memory book covering his 60 years...he loved it!
Gift time!
Wowwwww Jim!!!
 We made fun of Jim for constantly getting into everyone's bubble and making them uncomfortable, so....
 We got into his bubble! :)
Happy 60th Jim!!
On Sunday we celebrated uncle Tim's 29th birthday!  
Oh, what fun!
This past weekend we went back to Texas, phew!  I went for work on Friday but then in the afternoon I got to see my nephew off for his first homecoming.  This is him and his cute are they?!  
On Saturday the little cowboys and I went to a funeral with my mom.  My mom's 94 year-old uncle passed away.  It was nice seeing relatives that we rarely see.  The little cowboys have been in the car A LOT over the past two weeks but have done so well.  When we got home yesterday afternoon Tyler had cleaned the house and made dinner.  I am such a lucky girl.   
This little cowboy was happy to be home because he had some work to do...the kitchen drawers were far too tidy while we were gone. :)


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