Monday, October 29, 2012

Tolan and Brittney Engagement Photos

Congratulations Tolan and Brittney!  Tolan is my husband’s cousin and Brittney is my co-worker and sweet friend.  After Brittney saw the pictures I recently took of Heather & Paul, she asked that I take their engagement pictures.  I was flattered and felt so honored.  They are both absolutely beautiful - inside & out.  I keep telling Brittney they are going to have some gorgeous babies someday! :)



  1. Wow! Beautiful photos!

  2. Thanks Anne! Tell Toby these are the ones I was taking the day he saw me out looking "all professional" - ha!

    1. I did! I was actually with him that day :P

  3. It’s good to be in love all over again! This is what I feel every time I’m browse couples’ photos in their engagement and wedding photos. The third to the last photo is definitely the highlight for me. I love the way the photo was taken and how you match it with a beautiful phrase. I hope they have a great journey together. ;-)

    Isabel Cabrera