Thursday, January 10, 2013


Linking up with Kate & Kuby again for INSTAthursday.  Actually on Thursday this time! :)
My apologies in advance for these pictures being a little second child biased.  Keeler was sick yesterday so I went home with him at noon.  He slept most the afternoon while I tried to keep my little monkey cowboy quiet and keep up with emails. 
Lunch with sick kiddo and his brother, aka: "crazy"  
Menu:  Sprite, chicken noodle soup and crackers.  
Thankfully he is feeling much better today!
Quiet time.  
This is one smart baby.  Look at him concentrating.
I find it funny that older brother still gets anxiety when not drinking from a sippy cup while this little guy insisted on drinking from a can yesterday.  He also REFUSED any help!
I was thankful this week that my cousin Megan pinned a lot of new styles this past weekend.  She inspired me to try a few new looks with items I already had in my closet!
Added this outfit just for you Laura!    
Sorry kid but I think you need more than just a vacuum.  
#messykids #drivemecrazy
But I sure do love 'em!



  1. Hi Kelley, I like that first get up with the yellow cardigan, cute!

    It's Fun Friday blog hop again, if you haven't link up come and join the fun at:


  2. Visiting from the blog hop... What a cute blog you have!