Friday, January 25, 2013

Keeler 4.5

Realized that my oldest little cowboy just reached the big four point five.  Soon he'll be five-years-old and off the kindergarten... Seriously, where is the time going?!  
This is the first little face I see every morning.  He creeps next to my side of the bed and asks for breakfast.  He lends his hand to help pull me out of bed.  After taking a deep breath and thanking God for a new day - we start our day together. 
 I am blessed. 
{4.5 is all about}
playing fireman in your new Gator
wanting someone to play with all the time
chocolate milk
pushing the limits
watching "my shows" - everything on Nick Jr., Caillou and "Damiel Tiger"
playing with cows and building fence
constantly on the go
 Keeler tells me he loves me dozens of times throughout the day.  If he is not telling me he loves me then he is asking if I love him.  I try to come up with silly ways to tell him that I do.  I tell him, "I love you more than...cupcakes, to the moon and back, etc..."  And his favorite line back to me:  "I love you fourteen!"  Better than thirteen so I'll take it kid! 
Honestly, he'll never know how much I love's immeasurable. 


  1. He's so sweet! :)

  2. Your little guy sounds adorable! I can't wait until my little guy says cute things like that :)

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  3. So cute! Love you fourteen!! That statement is a treasure to remember forever.