Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Traditions

Once we arrived in Texas it was full-on Christmas mode.  On Sunday we went out to my sister’s house and  had our Christmas baking day.  
This is a Christmas tradition that we all just love.  My niece, Jacey, and I talk about it all year long.  Since she was little we have pretended that we own a candy store on this day called “Sprinkles.”  Jacey and I always have the decorating jobs and leave the actual baking and candy making up to my mom and sister.  So why we actually own the store is a bit comical.  We made gingerbread cookies that the little kids decorated.  We made my late Grandmother’s homemade caramel candies…one word, heaven.  We also made brownie bites, ranch oyster crackers, fudge and chocolate covered pretzels.  Not too shabby for one day :)     

I did a quick post regarding our Christmas Eve here.  We always spend Christmas Eve with Tyler’s family.  His mom makes her famous chicken noodles, we open gifts and then visit and play with new toys.  We are so fortunate that both parents live in the same town.  
Here are a few more pictures from our fun evening.  
Mimi and Jim-dad with their grand-boys.  
Tyler's sister is also expecting so we have one more baby arriving in June!!  Big brother Bryon says it's a girl.  While talking to him, I told him we would be happy with another boy too.  And told him that we just pray that it's healthy.  Keeler quickly chimed in and said, "Yeah, we don't want a smoking baby!"  
{Hilarious!!  No smoking babies!!}
 All the boys...  
   and the girls.

On Christmas morning we woke to a white Christmas!!  Santa actually dropped a few presents for the little cowboys at Tyler’s parents’ house.  So we loaded up and headed back over there.  We all got a stocking full of goodies from Tyler’s mom.  She is too much!!

Christmas day was spent at my parents’ house.  We met my sister and her family there.  The kids passed out presents and then the fun began!  
Side note:  Yes, my kids wore their Christmas shirts a lot!  Thanks again mom for washing them so we could wear them with both sets of cousins.  My boss' wife made these for me and I just loved them!!
It’s so great to see the kids open their gifts and my mom and sister always seem to know exactly what to get me!  Perhaps our shopping together helps a bit.   
We are so thankful to have such loving families to share the holidays with.  On Christmas night my in-laws, Tyler's brother and his girlfriend Erica all joined us for our annual game night.  I neglected to take any pictures...we'll blame the eggnog :).  But we had a great time.  My mom always has a great spread of food and we enjoyed drinks and games.  
One last time, Merry Christmas y'all!!   


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  1. Christmas is such a great time and I am so happy we get to spend time together. So many great memories!