Wednesday, January 9, 2013

If the cowboy hat fits...wear it!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  
Our littlest cowboy will now wear a cowboy hat for almost 3 seconds.  Just long enough to snap a picture but you've gotta be quick!  It is darling how proud he gets when you place it on his head.  He wants to do everything like big brother.  
I love to watch them :)
The little cowboys are starting to play together a little more each day since Kallahan is getting bigger.  
{I love that they have each other. I love having a sister more than anything so my wish is they always have a wonderful relationship and cherish one another.} 
This past weekend Keeler was full of ideas.  We turned his bed into an airplane.  He went bronco riding on his daddy...don't ask me but Tyler is great with them! 
And then it was time to play in the snow...
After a lot of hard work they called me outside to meet this guy: 

Our cowboy snowman!!  
Signing off as three four cowboys and a mommy!

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