Friday, August 8, 2014

Keeler's Cowboy Swim Party! {six}

A few weeks ago we had Keeler's birthday party.  For the past three years we've held his birthday at a local water park and it works out great.  So when his birthday rolled around this year, I asked him what he wanted to do.  He said he wanted a cowboy party.  He had the idea of taking everyone to his dad's farm and working.  My response, "Well honey, it's probably going to be really hot around your birthday and some people might not find that much fun (plus it's a really busy time of year on the farm).  So let's think of another party idea?  What about the water park again?"  He said "Sure, but let's have a cowboy swim party." Done.
With that decision, I started brainstorming a "cowboy swim invitation."  Folks, there are none out there.  I put in an SOS call to my friend for ideas that designs and sells invites on Etsy and she whipped one up in a matter of minutes and emailed it to me.  
Voilà! find here
So, if you ever need a cowboy swim party invitation (because it's the best kind of party) Sabra's your girl!  Well, actually she can make any kind of invitation and they're always beyond adorable.  Check out her shop!

Keeler's cowboy swim party was a big success!  We all had a lot of fun.
Our friends and family are great about asking us what Keeler wants for his birthday.  So this year he had a rather lengthy and specific list but he got everything he wanted.  He was thrilled with everything!  He's one lucky little boy to be so loved and spoiled ;) 

We served sandwiches, watermelon and cupcakes in the park pavilion.  I can't thank my mom and sister enough for helping getting all the food prepared and ready for the party.  I can handle decorations but food tends to cause me stress. 
Keeler was really impressed with his new bike from Jim-dad and Mimi!
The kids loved the pinata before we went into the park.  This was Keeler's great idea.
And then onto some fun in the sun!
Thank you again everyone that made Keeler's sixth birthday party such a special and memorable day!  When we were pulling out of Liberal Keeler said, "I'm so glad we live in Kansas so I can have my birthday at this water park."  #success
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