Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Keeler's First Day of Kindergarten

Today was a big day in the Baker house, Keeler started kindergarten!  This is his first year in public so he's in a new school.  Luckily, he was already acquainted with his teacher by visiting on field trips he took in preschool.  He also ended up knowing a handful of children in his classroom.  
Regardless of this, for the last couple of days he's been saying he doesn't want to go and that he's scared.  On Tuesday night, we had "meet the teacher" so that settled his nerves to have us with him and get to see his room.  He went to bed the night before school very well.  This morning, he got dressed right away because he was really excited to get to wear his new Under Armour shoes.
  After we had a nice breakfast (thanks daddy) and brushed our teeth, Keeler was great about letting me take some photos.  Kallahan was also very excited to pose which is completely out of character for these two. 
We were a bit curious how Kallahan would do without Keeler all day at Granny's house.  She said he was happy as could be.  They stayed busy running errands.  When I stopped in for lunch he was watching her cook while eating "cucums" (cucumbers) but did ask about 20 times when we were going to go pick up Kee.

We went as a family to drop Keeler off.  I love that Tyler has the ability and desire to take part in these momentous occasions.  I was filled with emotions as I watched the three of them stroll into the school.  Once we got into school, I made sure I had myself together and focused on holding a smile and encouraging Keeler.
Our little boy is so grown up!
  His teacher was so sweet and met him at the door.  {She was Tyler's preschool teacher when he was little, how cool is that?!} He hung his backpack in his locker and then I walked him into the classroom.  I couldn't take my eyes off of him. When his eyes caught mine I frantically waved, smiled and gave him a big hug.  His eyes swelled up with  
tears... I felt a knot in my throat but held it together.  I leaned down and told him to have a great day and that we'd have a water balloon fight when he got home.  I said, "you're going to be okay."  And in perfect timing his teacher came right over and took him by the hand and led him to a group of little boys playing blocks.
And indeed, he was okay.  More than okay.  He was great.  He was excited to let us know that he had three recesses and made some new friends!

I am so proud. Proud of the amazing little man is he becoming. 
Go get ‘em Keeler! The world is waiting…

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When I posted Keeler's picture I received several questions on how I did his chalkboard so I thought I'd share for FREE.
- Click on the chalkboard image and save (right click) onto your computer
- Upload image onto
- Fill in the blanks with the text tools.  I used Sketch Block, EcuyerDAX , Janda Sylish Script and Stroke Dimension because they are great "chalk-like" fonts.
- Lastly save, print and pop into a cute 8x10 frame!


  1. Oh my lanta!!! So sweet and Keeler is such a little man! Glad it all went well for all involved;)

  2. Oh and cute printable, save it for my babies in at least 5-6 years

  3. I love seeing these Kindergarten post, my little started Kinder this week.