Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy August and Happy Friday!

I'm linking up today with Andrea, Erika and Narci to share a few of my recent favorites.

Favorite Friend Trip!  Last weekend we headed to the mountains to vacation with friends.
This group of dads has been friends since elementary school.  I love that they married some of the sweetest gals and we've become great friends.  But even better was watching our little ones (4 boys and 1 sweet girl) bond in a cozy cabin.  We had a BLAST - vacay recap coming soon!

My new Favorite necklace!
 A trip to Ruidoso isn't complete without a new piece of turquoise, right?  It was a big splurge...from the local.... Walmart!  Find here.
Meet our new Favorite pets: Latigo, Sherrif and Tuff!
Keeler has talked for months about wanting a fish.  When I spotted this darling fish tank at a little store in Ruidoso I decided that it must be fate.  A cowboy fish tank, who knew?  We called this special surprise his final six-year-old birthday gift.  
Check out his new smile too!  He's proud of that new gap ;) 

"Aw Shucks..."  Our sweet corn is ready!  Corn is Kallahan's Favorite!
Last night, Tyler brought home his first "pickings" for dinner.  It was delicious.  Soon we'll be having corn with every meal.  

And lastly, but far from least... 
Yesterday was our ten year anniversary.  Happy Ten Years to my handsome cowboy.  
Miss the post?  Read it here.
It ended up being my most Favorite anniversary yet!  
I received exciting news that Tyler and I will be celebrating big time in
HAWAII this fall!!  My heart is still racing.  If you've ever been to Hawaii, let me know the must-dos, eats, places to go, etc...

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  1. I haven't commented before, but have been reading your blog for a month or so (found through linkups wiht Andrea) and wanted to wish you a very happy anniversary - 10 years is a big deal! And I love the pics of your vacation and little fishies. Happy weekend!

    1. So glad you're reading Darcy! Thanks for the sweet comments.

  2. Happy Anniversary sweet friend!!! Oh my goodness Hawaii sounds so fun.

  3. What an amazing anniversary present! If you are going to Maui then you definitely need to eat at Mama's Fish House! It was my favorite dinner on my honeymoon, the food was amazing and the scenery was so beautiful. I had a picture from outside the restaurant made into a canvas for our living room. Ask for "rail seating" when making a reservation. Also, love the necklace!! For $10 I might be adding that to my cart right now!!