Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Vacay: Ruidoso

On Keeler's birthday we set out for our summer vacation to Ruidoso, New Mexico.  One of Tyler's best friends families' has a cabin there and he arrange for us and the Van Bakel's to come stay for a long weekend.  For years I've wanted to take Keeler (and now Kallahan) to Ruidoso because growing up it was always where my family vacationed and I have treasured memories of going to the horse races, on nature walks with my grandmother, playing in the creek with my sister and riding go-carts {crazy-like} with my dad. 
This is the farthest that we've traveled via car with the little cowboys so we were a little hesitant.  However, it ended up working out perfectly because we were able to break the trip up and stay with my parents as a midway point.  It was a win-win: visit family and have a FREE night's stay ;) 
The little cowboys did great in the car.
We stopped in Clovis, NM on the way and all three of my cowboys had a great time!
We beat the other families to Ruidoso so we took the boys to the go-cart track.  This was their first time on go-carts and they were instantly hooked, especially Keeler.  It must be in the blood.
After burning off energy at the go-carts, riding bumper boats and a trip through a maze we met up with the O'Rears for a late lunch before heading to the cabin. 
I apologize in advance for the randomness in my pictures.  I had full intentions of taking pictures with my good camera and phone but once I got settled into vacation-mode I just wanted to relax.  
The Van Bakel's arrived in late so the boys went straight to the casino and us girls visited and then went to bed fairly early.  
The next morning we split up again... big boys + little boys went fishing and all the girls {baby Vivi included} went shopping in town.  We all had a great time!
 Time at the cabin was wonderful!  All our little boys had a blast "being boys" together.  Playing in the dirt, playing bow and arrows, gun fights, building with blocks & trucks... 
We went to the horse races in the afternoon the first full day.  I think our kids are still a little young to fully get the idea & appreciate but we bet on four races and I think we won one ---- at that rate we decided to head out and the kids were all about ready for naps...
 but not until the dads had some fun at the go-cart place.  
In the evening we grilled and had a nice evening at the cabin.

The following day we decided to hit up the go-carts early to beat the heat/crowd and play putt-putt golf.  The boys had to play on the diggers again that they rode the first day.
 We had a lot of fun golfing... and this is about the only time I took many pictures...
Look at our ornery boys!
Pretty decent family picture, if only Kal hadn't been so thirsty ;)
The O'Rear fam...  
Lydia deserves a reward for successfully getting their big stroller through the tight and winding putt-putt course.  
The Van Bakel fam (minus Henry) he was too busy golfing!
Here he is ;)  Such a cutie.
 Sweet little Grady and Mark.
 Golfing was fun but we were glad we started early because it was getting pretty warm by the last hole.
 After golf we had to visit the go-carts again.  This wasn't our last time to ride either.  We went back most evenings and one last time before we headed home.  I think over the entire trip we lost more money here than even at the casino... 
The little cowboys also liked the bumper boats... dad, not so much :)
We headed home on Sunday and stayed the night again at my parent's house.  Keeler still had the itch to drive and was excited to go to the go-carts in Amarillo with his cousin's and Pa Diddy.  It was a great trip.  I'm so glad that we were able to share this special time with friends/family making memories.
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  1. Looks like a fabulous vacation! And neat that your kids get to make similar memories that you made as a child. :)