Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekend Whoas {Randomness}

This past weekend was our last official summer weekend before Keeler starts to kindergarten.  How did the summer go by so quickly?  It feels like yesterday was his preschool graduation.
On Friday, my cousins, Megan and Stephen, arrived in town.  It was so great to see them!  They've always been more like my little brother and sister and when we get together it's so easy and fun.  We all went to dinner and then watched the little cowboys play in the yard.  The little cowboys love having company and Keeler was trying to convince Megan to move to Kansas by the end of the weekend.
On Saturday, Tyler and Keeler went out and picked sweet corn for our lunch and for Megan and Stephen to take some back down south.  On Sunday, we all went back out to pick some more.
 Eating corn straight off the cob while in the field - now that's what you call "fresh produce," my friends.
Keeler also got to ride his horse this weekend.
 On Saturday afternoon, my cousins and I picked up my friend, Natalie, and we all headed to Dodge City for a little fun before our 5K glow run that evening.  We went shopping, went to the casino {it was Megan's first time EVER} and toured the town. 

All day I was a nervous wreck with anxiety about the race.  It's been so long since I've actually ran and raced - I'm typically hosting ;)  It was Stephen's first EVER 5K!
A coworker was hosting the race.  It was great to support her and Alzheimer.
 They had a wonderful turnout with 122 participants.  
Our little grouped rocked it!  Stephen placed 2nd overall, Natalie placed 3rd overall (1st female) and I set a PR with a time of 25:59 mins.  I beat my best 5K time by over 1 minute and placed in the top 10.  It was such a fun and uplifting time.

 And since Keeler is off to school on Wednesday, I squeezed in a little time on Sunday for some design work for his big day. 
 He's going to love kindergarten!

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