Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Annual Baking Day

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve!!
 We traveled to my sister's last night for a fun cousin slumber party.  What better way to kick off the holiday celebrations?
Samantha and Jarret surprised the kids with a special snowman breakfast.
 Jakob and Samuel helped Jarret make homemade donuts.  The rest of us enjoyed sipping on hot cocoa, jamming out to holiday tunes and doing a few fun snowman crafts.
 After breakfast, my mom headed out to start our annual Christmas Baking Day!  It isn't Christmas Eve, Eve until the baking begins.
 How is Jacey officially taller than us, Samantha?!
 Grandma Kak got started on what we call "Grandmother caramels."  They're just the most delicious candy you'll ever eat but more importantly a sweet reminder and tribute to our late Grandmother, Sammy.
This photo was taken at Keeler & Samuel's first Christmas'.  However, it was also Grandmother's last.  The holidays have never been quite the same.  We miss her dearly.  The caramels always bring back the most wonderful memories and great stories to share with our kiddos to keep her memory alive. We LOVE you Grandmother!!
 Kallahan and Samuel helped aunt 'Manthy make cinnamon rolls.  Keeler was a good little supervisor.
 Jacey, Kallahan and I made a truckload of chocolate dipped pretzels.
 We also made sugar cookies but I guess we were too busy decorating to snap any pictures.
We look forward to our annul baking day each year.  The goodies we create are nice but nothing is sweeter than creating fun family memories and traditions.
Eat, Drink and be Merry!!
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