Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we spent the day celebrating with Tyler's parents and his siblings.  It's always one of our favorite days of the year.  I know the little cowboys certainly think so now that they have four boy cousins around.
That's right, Tyler's parents have six grandboys!   
Mimi and Jim-dad are quite proud of all these boys so we've started trying to get a group picture every year.

Here's a little trip down Christmas Eve memory lane:
2008 {Keeler's first Christmas}
2009 {Bryon's first Christmas}
2011 {Kal's first Christmas}
2013 {Brody's first Christmas & we welcomed Alexander to the family}

2014 {Phoenix's first Christmas}

And here we are Christmas Eve 2015:

Mimi loves her crazies boys :)
Phoenix wasn't a big fan of taking pictures so the task was a little challenging but oh, the memories we captured.  We're sure to treasure forever.
 After photos Tiffany tried to call Santa to check on his whereabouts.
 I finally caught this cute boy happy and loving on Santa.
After pictures we headed to candle light service with my parents.  We always enjoy this service together, and this year it was as special as ever!

Kal and me in our festive Christmas Eve wear :)

After church we headed back to Mimi & Jim-dad's for dinner and presents.
Before dinner we took a few family pics.
We loved having Granny this year!
Present time was a lot of fun!
Cookies for Santa.

Before Keeler went to bed, he asked me to set up a video to try to catch Santa.

Here's what we got ^
Keeler was the first one up on Christmas morning.  To keep him occupied, I showed him the video.  I sure wish I would have videoed his reaction.  Seriously, the most excited I've ever seen him.
Sharing the video with Jim-dad.
"In the eyes of children we find the joy of Christmas. In their hearts we find its meaning.”- Leland Thomas
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