Saturday, December 19, 2015

Kal's Preschool Christmas Program

Kallahan's {first ever} Preschool Christmas Program was this week.
 He was so excited to perform.  He told us that we needed to sit on the front row to see him.  We arrived as early as we could and saved the front pew.  Anything Kallahan wants!
 He was beaming throughout the program.  A few days before he talked to me about how Keeler would be watching him this time.  Kallahan has sat through a lot of Keeler's things so I think he thought this was pretty special.
I just love this kid!  A few of the other children never even opened their mouths - not our Kallahan.  He put on a great performance.
Grandma Kathy made a special trip back up to watch.  Granny and Cooper also came to watch.  So much love.
Keeler was in charge of video :)
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