Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weekend Whoas

Another great December weekend in the books. Here are a few highlights!
Keeler had his weekly vision therapy session on Friday along with a progress assessment.  The doctor feels that he's right on track.  Before he began therapy this summer his reading score (according to their scales) was a level 1 for his age.  This week he scored a level 10, with 12 being the highest.  I almost cried when I heard his reported improvement.  His focusing has also improved.  The last months of his therapy we will work more on the tracking.  The doctor explained that it will become hard again before it gets easy, just like in the beginning.  Then we will work on putting both skills together.  This morning, the "hard part" was evident.  I felt terrible that he was in tears while completing some exercises but I tried my best to be his cheerleader and coach.  We're going to get through this - but prayers would be much appreciated.   
After we got home from vision therapy we had dinner and then we let the little cowboys have a brother gift exchange party!  It was so fun taking them shopping separately, helping them wrap and then convincing them to keep the present a secret from each other. We were afraid someone {especially that little one} was going to spill the beans so we opted for this early exchange party.  They LOVED their presents and then stayed up late playing farm in the basement.
While they played, I stayed upstairs watched TV and sipped tea from my darling Santa mug... 'tis the season!
Saturday morning Keeler and I worked on his homework assignment to disguise Santa.  He said he wanted to either make him a football player or a cowboy.  I encouraged him to select cowboy because I had several items in my scrapbooking supplies that would work perfectly.  I think we did a great job :)

After we completed homework it was time to work on the gingerbread houses that Howie, our Elf on the Shelf, had dropped off.  Right as we were sitting down to work, my parents arrived!  They came up for the weekend and to watch Kallahan in his first school Christmas program.

Gingerbread house making went about exactly as planned... we ate a lot of our house materials and then both boys lost interest pretty quickly.  My mom and I finished up the houses.  We were proud of our creations!
Keeler had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon and we also spent some time at the local high school wrestling tournament.  My dad had some kids from work (Boy's Ranch) competing. 
The little cowboys wore their new "Baker family Christmas" shirts.  I tried to get a good picture.  I get an A for effort.
The little cowboys loved having their grandparents visiting.  
After church on Sunday it started to snow.  We are really excited for the 9-12 inches that was predicted.  When it finally started snowing the flakes were huge.  Tyler built a beautiful fire and then we ran to the store in case we ended up snowed in. Shortly after the snow, Kallahan's Christmas program was cancelled but as soon as we were settled in the snow stopped.  We only ended up with about an inch.  It was pretty disappointing but we'll take it.
The little cowboys had fun playing in the little that we had. 
After they were back inside, Tyler and Kallahan made us some cinnamon rolls.  We ended the weekend with a nice family meal {those yummy cinnamon rolls} and more special time with my parents.  We hated to see them leave but we'll be back together soon since Christmas is just right around the corner. 
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  1. What a great month you're having! Merry Christmas!