Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

Our first few days in December have been very *merry*!
I'm linking up with ErikaNarci and Andrea to share my Friday Favorites.
Tuesday, December 1st, Howie made his return from the North Pole.
Per tradition, he surprised the little cowboys with breakfast at their kid table.  He brought along each boy a special letter {specifically stating what they've asked Santa for and how to behave in order to receive}, an ornament and a special personalized plate.
The plates are my favorite.  I created the image {featuring our little holiday truck} and then uploaded to Shutterfly using one of their templates.  They turned out ADORABLE.
I also set out their advent calendars from their Mimi - which they think are the greatest.  They hop out of bed eager to see what their new toy is going to be each day.
Keeler is so sweet helping Kallahan too. 
A special North Pole donut breakfast.  
Keeler said the donut holes were even better than the ones from our local donut shop ;)

Howie's kept us on our toes this week
Day 1:: Special arrival breakfast
Day 2:: Drinking syrup
Day 3:: "Brush Your Teeth" message in boy's bathroom
Day 4:Booby-trap on bedroom doors
Day 5:: Zip-lining in dining room
Day 6:: Christmas book delivery
Day 7:: Marshmallow Bath
Day 8:: Driving our Little Truck on Mantel
Day 9:: Playing Dominoes
Day 10:: Howie was shaving and brought the little cowboys their own shaving kits.  This worked out perfectly for this particular morning.  I had to go into work early and a lot of times this upsets Kallahan.  Tyler said he was quickly over it when he saw his present :)

We've had fun with a few Christmas crafts.  The little cowboys worked on decoupaging a big box {their house} with my wrapping paper scraps. 

Kallahan joined us for Keeler's vision therapy appointment.  As a reward for behaving well while Keeler was in session, I treated them to a little fro-yo treat afterwards.  They obviously feel quite at home there.

The little cowboys have been helping out at the farm.  Troy used them as measuring sticks this weekend.
Tuesday, they helped preg check cattle but before they got started they made this little table.  Impressive!

Keeler also helped drive the loader recently.  Tyler sent me this video and I about died.  That's my baby!!  You can imagine how BIG this cowboy thinks he it now... heaven help us!

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  1. You guys are so adorable :) Looks like so much fun
    Chelsea @

    1. Awe thanks! Yes - we have a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by.