Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Annual Baking Day

Our Christmas Eve Eve was spent baking.  This is an annual tradition for my mom, sister and our kiddos.  A few years back my niece and I pretended that we were running a candy store on this day and named it Sprinkles.  The tradition continues...
 Jacey even made us signs for our store this year!
 The kids had a great time making decorated sugar cookies.
 Truth be told Grandma did most the baking and candy making...
 and Samantha spent the day cleaning up after all us.
 We ended up with so many yummy treats.
Cake Pops//Caramel Candies//Brownie Bites//Chocolate Covered Pretzels//Cookies
I wish we had days like this more often but I'd be as big as a house!  
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