Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas Day we spent the day at my parent's house.
  The little cowboys had so much fun with their cousins
My sister said Jakob stayed up all night waiting to catch Santa... it's pretty obvious in this picture that this boy is worn out.  I love these kids!
 My mom spoiled us yet again.  The room was full of presents!  Keeler seems to think Grandma Kak ranks right up there with Santa in regards to gift giving ;)
 Kallahan loved the firehouse from his aunt Samanatha!
 I can't believe I'm posting this... 
Tyler loved his "lazy suit" and Crown.  #perfectcombination
 Samuel was eager to help everyone open their gifts. I think it was his way of nicely speeding everyone up.

Pa Diddy scored some new sweaters and had to do his famous "O" face! 
Jacey got some of the coolest girl toys.  She's always the most fun person to shop for on my list. 
 Keeler's Christmas was complete when he found "real pliars" in his stocking.  Yes, this is something that he asked for at the last minute.  My dad and Tyler rushed out and made sure this was taken care of.  I don't think he's gone a day without them since he got them.
Jarret was looking studly in his new Texas A&M and John Deere garb.
 My mom called our Christmas the year of the "As Seen On TV" gifts.  After our regular exchange and lunch we did a little white elephant exchange of different ASOTV gifts.  Keeler fought hard for the Baconwave!
In the evening all my in-laws and my sister's in-laws came over for pajama/game-night. 

For fun I added a little video recap of our favorite Christmas moments.  Enjoy!
I hope everyone had a merry and blessed Christmas!

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