Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekend Whoas!

 Oh my, where do I begin?  Our world has been exciting the past few days.  Mid-week Tyler and his uncle lost two cows.  When the vet came out he confirmed that Tetanus had taken them.  The following day they were alarmed to find they had lost two more.  They were advised to start taking temps of the entire herd to see how many where infected and unfortunately over half their herd had over 100º temps.  They needed to start treating all their cattle with antibiotic.  This was horrible news as it’s a daunting task to treat that many but to make matters worse we have been hit with an extreme cold front.  I think the high Thursday and Friday was mid-teens!  Our poor guys were out working in it all day! 
I called Tyler on the Friday morning to see how the cattle were doing.  He said they hadn't lost anymore and he had a little helper with him.  That’s right, Keeler had offered his services because he told Tyler he needed him.  
photo c/o Daddy
Tyler came home boasting with pride about how well Keeler had done.  He ran the “hot shocker” all day.  He couldn’t even see over the pins but Tyler said he was great help and never complained.  Tyler had him well attired for cold weather but I still can’t believe he did so well.  I hope he is always a hard worker.
On Saturday, Keeler went back out with Tyler.  There was no stopping him.  Kallahan and I did laundry and then I spent time getting ready for my work Christmas party. 
 You can tell in this picture that poor Tyler has wind burn and is exhausted but he was still the best date.  
 We had a great time!  We had a nice dinner and then went bowling.  This was our first party with our new location manager and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

On Sunday, we went to Sunday school.  Keeler wanted to go back out to the farm as soon as we got out.  I'm telling you, this boy is committed!  I drove him out so he could work and then Kallahan and I came back into town to do some shopping.  
In the afternoon we went and delivered Granny a poinsettia.  We got them for work and they were beautiful so I knew she would love one.   
 Kallahan's upset because he wanted his picture without Keeler.  "me, me." 
After a good Sunday nap the little cowboys and I made gingerbread cookies.  Keeler was really good with the dough.  He was really into icing them too but that only lasted about 5 minutes and then I was left high and dry to ice about 3 dozen cookies and with a big mess.  It was well worth it when Keeler told me that Christmastime is his favorite time of year!

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