Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Light Parade '13

Last night was our little town's Christmas Light Parade.
 Adam (far left) is always the creative mind behind our work float.  He has amazing talent and works so hard up until the last second to make sure every single light is in place.
 This year he created a toy conveyor belt.  The lights were timed perfectly to give the illusion that the toys were moving into Santa's sack on the back of the John Deere Gator.
 Santa, of course, was in the back of the Gator.  I was suppose to be Mrs. Clause.  I took this roll because I figured Kallahan would insist on being on the float and this would be a safer place to hold him.  But at the last minute Tyler decided it would be better for them to just watch.  
He loved sitting with daddy and Granny watching the parade.
 Keeler was on the front of the float with the other singing/dancing elves making toys.
 We had the best elves!
 Lupe sang the entire parade procession to Polar Express' "Rockin' on Top of the World" 
 I LOVE the parade night.  It makes our small town feel so quaint.  All the stores down main are open, people are out serving hot chocolate and it just feels like you're living in a storybook.
I love going down the street on the float and watching all the little kids light up when they see our float.  It makes all those looooong hours staying late at work worth it.  My little guys have been great this week "helping." 
We ended up getting 2nd place for commercial floats.  
Below is the little bank float that took first.  
I can't believe it's already the last weekend before Christmas.  We plan on having our little family Christmas tonight and might go see the movie Frozen.  
Merry Friday everyone!   
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  1. I can't believe you guys didn't win. That float is amazing!!!!! I'm sure the boys love being up close with all Of that john Deere equipment. My boys would die!!!

  2. You were robbed, should of won first! lol. Sounds like such fun and what wonderful memories you are making. Had soooo much fun with Henry this year. We gave him a chain saw and a Little Tikes pickup and he went nuts! He loves to be like his daddy! Wishing you all the Merriest of Christmas'!!!! Sheri