Friday, December 20, 2013

December Highlights

We've had such a wonderful month!  It's been busy (hence the lack of blogging) but I decided to highlight on a few of our favorite December moments before Christmas arrives.
Keeler had his annual pajama/movie party at school at preschool.

Keeler took writing his letter to Santa very seriously this year.  We made sure and asked that he come to our house a few days early since we would be out of town for Christmas.

My parents brought my sister's kids up for a weekend visit last weekend.  
We had so much fun (some of us, even in our underwear).  
Jacey and Tyler made a gingerbread house barn.  
Kal was the official taste-tester.
Look at these dolls!
 Tyler made a fantastic seafood dinner.  It was complete with crab legs, shrimp and cheesy-garlic biscuits.  Who knew you had to come to Kansas for good seafood (thank you Schwann's)

...and we got a lot of good grandma cuddle time!

Of course all through Decemeber I tried to get a good picture of my little cowboys in front of the tree. #goodasitgets

December might be one of the busiest of months but I love the magical moments, creating memories and sharing this special time of year with my little family.  
Merry Christmas Everyone!
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