Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Family Christmas

When the little cowboys got home from Granny's on Friday evening we had our little family Christmas.  We had pizza delivered and had all the boy's gifts from us stacked up when they got home.
 Keeler was so excited!
Kallahan was so hungry, ha!  He had no interest in the presents and took forever eating his pizza.  The wait drove Keeler crazy.
All our gifts to them were pretty small.  Just some clothes, pajamas, and a few toys.  I always think they must think we give pretty lame gifts compared to Santa.  Now why must he get all the credit?!
Tyler was so sweet and had me go look in the playroom after the boys had opened their gifts.  He surprised me and bought a new tv console that we had talked about.  Our big armoire is now in our bedroom.  We both think it opens up our living space more. 
 After gifts, baths and getting in their new pajamas the little cowboys put out treats for Santa.  
I shared on instragram (follow me @kelleysbaker) "We're out of cookies so hopefully Santa likes oatmeal pies, our milk may or may not have been expired and sorry reindeer the boys ate most your carrots."
 In the morning I couldn't wait for the little cowboys to wake up.  If you know Keeler, you know he's our early-bird but of course he slept in until almost 8am!  
It was the best morning!  Keeler got a "working chute" play set and a lot of John Deere farm equipment.  Kallahan got a Home Depot tool bench with a lot of tools.
I think this face says it all!
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