Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Thanksgiving

Just a quick recap & pictures from our Thanksgiving holiday!
 Wednesday we packed up and headed to Texas to be with family.  Keeler was cooperative (for once) and posed for me with his festive preschool crafts!  
 Thanksgiving we had lunch at my parent's house.  It was a combined family Thanksgiving. Tyler's parents and siblings attended.  This meant Keeler and Kallahan had 3 boy cousins to play with.  They LOVED it!  
After lunch the Smith's stop by and I got to hold a cute little turkey!  
 All the food was fabulous and I ate waaaay too much!  The little boys on the other hand didn't eat anything but olives and pickles.  They were just too busy to eat.
However, us ladies worked hard burning off those extra calories by SHOPPING!  We headed out at 4pm for the first sale.  Then we just went from store to store until 5am.  We had so much fun!  We went and took a 2 hour nap and then Keeler and Kal thought it was time for mommy and aunt Samantha to get up.  Oddly we felt okay.  Good deals keep our adrenaline pumping.
 Late morning our dad went over and picked up my sister's kids.  Once we had all the kids we had lunch and then went back out shopping.  I know, we are crazy but I got all my Christmas shopping completed. 
Jacey and I also found new boots!  This is my um, Christmas present to myself.
 On Friday evening the little cowboys and their cousin Bryon went to Lubbock with their Mimi and Jim-dad to ride on the Polar Express.  They got dressed in the cutest pajamas.
 Mimi & Jim-dad were great and sent us lots of pictures while on the train.  They all had such a good time.  Us 'big kids' enjoyed a nice dinner out and then went over to Tim & Erica's.
On Sunday we loaded the car and ventured home.  The boys were impressed with one of my black Friday deals:  dual DVD player and matching headphones.
 But then we turned the corner and they were both out.  Someone even fell asleep with beef jerky in his mouth.  Stranger fact was he continued to eat it in his sleep.  Tyler and I were dying! 
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
...and when we got home our elf Howie had arrived!  He was seated at the boys little table with a note to each boy and these little personalized boot plates.  I think he said he bought the plates off Zulily and his stationary can be found here.  Thanks Jen for the cute FREE printables!  Since then Howie has been 'trying' to be more creative.     
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