Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Dad!!

This past weekend was all about celebrating Tyler's 33rd birthday!!
Friday, Tyler and Kallahan went and picked up the new Ranger for the farm.  These three cowboys were really excited to get it out to the farm!
All day Saturday they worked cattle.  Even though it was work, I don't think Tyler would prefer to do anything differently for his birthday :) 
Sunday was his actual birthday.  Keeler woke up and insisted that we bake a cake while Tyler was doing farm chores so he would be surprised.  Our time was limited before church but we got it done (in one try, I might add) and then decorated it after church.  Evidenced by the picture it was a good thing we tackled decorating AFTER church.  Kal was a pretty good icing tester :)
 The little cowboys had so much fun setting up a little party tablescape of all of dad's favorite things and picking out his card.  They really do have the "best dad ever!" so I am glad they had fun spoiling him.
The rest of the day, we spent playing outside and sipping on our Dad's Root Beer and Dad's Cream Soda.  
Happy birthday Tyler.  We LOVE you!! 
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