Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Whoas: Mother's Day

This past weekend goes down as one of the best weekends EVER!  I love our stage in life.  Both the little cowboys are so loving and sweet.  They sure made this mommy feel special and loved.
Friday evening I took the little cowboys on a bike ride to the park.  As boys do, Keeler gravitated to every puddle. He was pretending he was like his cousin's Kade & Zane riding in Motocross.

When we got back home, Tyler was getting home from work and instantly noticed that Keeler was riding on flat tires.  Oops... #momfail.  Keeler said, "It was kind of hard to ride."  Thankfully we didn't ruin the bike.  We ended the evening with a nice BBQ and babysat one of my favorite little girls.

On Saturday morning, Tyler and Keeler went and completed farm chores.  Kallahan and I decided we wanted to make some chocolate covered strawberries for Mother's Day.
In the afternoon we went and celebrated Haylee Jo's first birthday!!  Her mommy really outdid herself!  We felt like we were in a circus party tent.  All the little touches were perfection.  We love our "Haylee girl!"  Granny babysits Haylee during the day with my boys now.  I just know they're going to have a special bond.  

After the party, we worked on the lawn.  The little boys played outside and cleaned their toys while we worked.  I was pretty tired after mowing two lawns so I took a break on the porch with a margarita :)  Keeler came and sat on my lap and drank his root beer.  He can sit on my lap as long as he wants!
When Tyler was done working on the sprinkles he and the little cowboys took off.  They told me they were going to the store to buy a gift, "...but for someone else."  When they arrived back home with flowers and my favorite candy I was shocked!  They're so sneaky ;)
Tyler is such a great dad.
I love that he's teaching our boys the importance of appreciation and thoughtful gift giving.

After church on Sunday, Tyler asked me what I wanted to do for the day. I decided going to the city for Thai food and to the movies sounded best.  We made it for lunch but then when nothing was showing so we decided a trip to Target and Walmart would do.
These two loved playing in the arcade...
I loved picking up a few new items to spruce up the little cowboy's bathroom.
I'll close with these sweet words from Kallahan.  As I was getting out of bed on Sunday, Kallahan ran up and told me "Happy's Mother's Day!"  Of course Tyler told him what to say but just hearing my boy say these sweet words brought tears to my eyes.  I live for my little cowboys.
I hope you had a blessed Mother's Day!
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  1. uhhh, I love all that you talked about, sounds like a nice family weekend! Happy Mother's Day sis!