Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Weekend Whoas

 Sharing a little about our weekend and all our FAVORITE moments. 
This past weekend started off perfectly...
 sitting on the front porch on a beautiful morning with a cup of tea while watching the little cowboys play is my new FAVORITE.  Why can't every morning start off like this?!  The only bad thing was that Tyler wasn't feeling well (he was fighting a high fever for several evenings) so I forced him to go to the doctor.  The little cowboys and I had a trip to Texas planned but I waited on his prognosis before heading out.  He ended up having some form of the flu, received a shot but then insisted that he had to work all weekend #farmlife - so we went ahead and headed south.  I knew us being away in some ways would be more relaxing for him too. 
Our trip down went smoothly aside from the 273 times I was asked, "are we there yet?!"
Once we F I N A L L Y arrived we went with my mom and sis to pick up her kiddos from school.  It was so fun to surprise them!  Then we had to divide and conquer their softball games.  Keeler went with his uncle Jarret to Sameul's game.  Us girls and Kal went to watch Jacey play.
Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head to Jacey's 4H Fashion Show.
My FAVORITE girl Jacey has a heart for shopping and fashion just like me.  Back when we were together for our birthdays we went shopping and picked out her fashion show outfit.  I am so glad I got to see her walk.  She did so great and the prettiest thing she had on was her smile :)  Her friend and her both placed 3rd in their divisions.  Woohoo!!
 Then we changed gears, yes pun intended, and headed out to watch our cousins, Kade and Zane, at the motocross races.  This was a first for us and it was so fun to watch.  I may have bit off all my nails but wow - so exhilarating.  Now we have a certain six-year-old that insists he needs a dirt bike.    
Spending time with some of my FAVORITE family was the best!  My aunt Peggy and cousin Stacy were in town with the motocross kings so we had a lot of fun over the weekend.  When we get together things get silly - fast!  Wish we could see these folks more often.
On Sunday we celebrated our FAVORITE Mimi's birthday and Mother's Day.  I failed to get a picture of her (sorry Mimi) but I got a picture of Granny with her Mother's Day gift.  My friend, Brandi, gave her grandmother this gift for Christmas and I instantly knew Mimi and Granny would love them.  I decided to go ahead and give Granny her's early since they required figuring so many birthdays.  I hope they like them as much as I envisioned they would. We were so glad we got to see Mimi on her actual birthday.
 Right before we headed home we made a quick trip out to find Keeler a new cowboy hat (this was a delayed part of his Easter gift).  All the kid hats were too small so we tried a small adult hat.  Contrary to his face - we was super excited and LOVES the new hat.  He took it to show and tell today!
And the best part of him getting a bigger hat, it fits me! :)
Tyler is claiming I'm his FAVORITE cowgirl.
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