Friday, May 8, 2015

Loving my farmBOYS!

Thank goodness it's Friday!  We've had a great week and it's just soared by.  We're down to two weeks of school.  How is that possible!?  I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that next year we'll have both little cowboys going off to school.  I'm just going to live in denial the next couple of months.  
The best part of our week is the fact that it's been R A I N I N G in SWKS!!  If you're not from our area it's hard to relate but we're in an extreme drought so we're abundantly thankful for the moisture.  Rain delays some farming duties so Tyler and the little cowboys planted our little vegetable garden this week.  So much fun.  So much DIRT.
 With Mother's Day upon us, I'm reflecting on how fortunate I am to be a mother.  Back when Tyler and I were newly married I went to team building meeting with my coworkers while working for a Christian foster care agency.  After an array of exercises, the leader went around and prayed with us individually.  We had never met, yet he prayed for my marriage and family.  He mentioned that my husband and I would not truly be connected in our relationship until we had children.  He said we would find bliss and fulfillment when we finally heard "the pitter patter of little feet."  Four years later, I discovered that he was right.
It feels like yesterday, the day I became a mother, when Tyler and I circled around our newborn's incubator and prayed together... we prayed hard that Keeler would be okay.  His little lungs were not fully developed so we handed him up to God and pleaded that He take care of him.  In that moment we were connected like never before.  We were pleading for this little life that we created together, had never met but loved more than anything we had ever loved.  I'm forever grateful that he was okay.  Not just okay, he was perfection.  I've never felt so blessed.  I finally knew what life was really about.
And I wasn't blessed just once, but twice.  I love God's plan for me: a boy mom.
Turns out He felt like two boys was the best for me.  I might of envisioned my life a little differently.  I envisioned a baby girl wearing tutus and BIG bows but I got just the opposite - baby boys wearing boots and dirt.  And I laugh about it and love it.
This weekend and every day, I chose to celebrate life and motherhood and dirt and noise and all these farmBOYS. 

P.S. I had to share, Farm Boy Brand clothing line, seriously the cutest clothing line ever for my little cowboys.  The brand has been popping up on Zulily so I recently scored some great deals and I'm sure we'll be buying more (just forewarning you, Tyler).  Their motto? "Knee deep and loving it."  Just perfect for my little "farm boys!"

Happy Mother's Day to all. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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  1. Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy your weekend with those sweet boys.