Tuesday, August 9, 2011

bama bama slammer!

         Yesterday was really a typical day: went to work, went to the grocery store, made dinner with Tyler and hung out with my cowboys.  Okay, so the making dinner part was not typical but Tyler was home early and we prepared meatloaf as a team.  Keeler even chanted for us from The Wonder Pets “we’re not too big, we’re not too tough but when we work together…” 
          Anyway, starting on Saturday, with the whole Smurfs Movie advertising crave, Keeler has been pretending that we have five Smurfs (he alternates calling them Smurfs and s'mores) visiting our house.  We have to include them in everything we do, bathe them, help them on the furniture and last night I got to feed them salad because they are supposedly “too small’ to eat.  While Tyler was getting Keeler out of the bath, I had to get onto one of the Smurfs because he was getting water on the wood floors – yes, I encourage the pretend play.  So, Keeler joined in on the disciplining and said, “he needs a bama bama slammer!”  We died laughing!!  Tyler has been pretend wrestling with Keeler and talks about the "Alabama Slammer."  Oh, what a kid. 
            I've decided on the days when I don't have much to write about that I am going to dig from the past and blog other funny things Keeler has said that I have recorded via email.  Calling it “My silly cowboy says…”  So stay tuned!!

“Laughter is timeless.  Imagination has no age.  And dreams are forever."  (Walt Disney)

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