Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Have a good day!

My dad sent me an email this morning with this picture
 included that simply said, “Have a good day!” 
It made my heart melt to see me little cowboy and know that my dad was thinking about us today.  This picture was taken in February of 2010 at a friend’s wedding.  Toby and Anne asked us if Keeler would be their ring bearer – they had a gorgeous wedding and it was so fun to see my little cowboy in a suit.  My dad loves this picture, stating that Keeler looks like a used car salesman.  I hope that you smile when you see this cutie and have a good day as well! 

"A photograph can be an instant of life that will never cease looking back at you."  Brigitte Bardot


  1. I love the pictures! I can hear his laugh! We miss you guys!

  2. A used car salesman, Sam. Really? That's too funny!