Sunday, August 28, 2011

All Boy!

My talented BFF, Sabra Turner and her hubby joined us on Saturday evening for a trip to the farm.  The guys wanted to practice shooting clay pigeons for next weekend’s opening of hunting season.  Us girls tagged along to support the guys and get some fresh air.  Sabra came with camera in hand to take some outdoor shots with her new camera.  As always, this lady amazes me with her wide realm of talents, from baking to design work and now pictures taking – she can do it all! 
Little cowboy had a blast being outside and Sabra captured his excitement about being around guns for the first time.  For a mommy, that is not too fond of the whole hunting sport, I was a little uneasy but have to admit it was pretty cute to see just how “all boy” he was once he got to fire his first gun.  However, the adventure was conducted with complete assistance and a lecture regarding gun safety.    

tired of taking pictures and walking

Mommy carried little cowboy back to the guys and their hunting spot
Cowboy was a little timid at first....

Now the fun begins! 

helping the big guys

Little cowboy's first shot

Safety First!

Waechter Farm & Ranch

Take your kids hunting and you won’t have to go hunting for your kids.

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