Monday, August 15, 2011

Me and My Daddy

            On Sunday, I woke up feeling very tired and sore.  It was probably because I did more physical work on Saturday plus we stayed up late playing games with our couple friends. But Tyler was very helpful and took Keeler to the farm for morning chores while my mom and I finished up some projects.  Keeler had a great time.  He even got to pick some fresh corn and “help” fix an irrigation motor. 
            After a quick lunch, Grandma headed back to Texas.  Keeler was ready for a nap after his eventful morning and when he woke up we had a family day.  We chalked on what Keeler refers to as the “highway” – the driveway.  Keeler ate so well at dinner that we took him to the park.  For those of you that aren't around him much, the little cowboy never eats!  I hate to make a big deal of it but felt he deserved a reward for doing well. 
           It was such a beautiful evening.  Hopefully the extreme summer heat is finally coming to an end.  Two other little boys, all right around Keeler’s age, were at the park as well.  He played so well with them.  We found out that one of the boys will be attending his preschool.  He interacted so well and took the role as leader in their pretend play.  He told them the jungle gym was a boat and it went from there.  Tyler and I sat on a park bench and watched our little cowboy make friends.  It was a proud moment for this mommy! 

             I was also able to get some online shopping done for Keeler.  Since we cleaned out his closet and noticed that he was in need of essential items, I knew that I needed to get some items picked up before school starts.   I was stressing about getting this done since travel restrictions are in place with my pregnancy.  Fortunately, when I checked my email I had a some special offers from Gap and The Children’s Place, both with free shipping!!  I was able to get three pair of jeans, some long sleeve shirts, two pair of wind pants, a pair of shoes and several pairs of socks for less than $200.  I think this will put us in pretty good shape. 

"A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to play with his child." (Author: unknown)

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