Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet & Greet

Monday evening was meet and greet at little cowboy’s preschool.  He will officially start school on September 7th.  We worked hard to build up the event and explained that Mommy and Daddy would be there the entire time.  When we arrived at his school all the 4-5 year olds were leaving plus the two classes of 3 year olds were arriving.  To say it was overwhelming is an understatement.  We quickly introduced our little family to his teacher and then she suggested that we walk around the room to check things out.  It is a darling classroom.  We had fun looking for Keeler's name on the birthday calendar, at his assigned seat and his little locker space.  We were also excited to see that we know a few of the children and their parents that will be in his class. 
Little cowboy was really excited to see all the toys and wanted to play with everything.  However, he was uneasy about playing with the other children and insisted that I find out the name to each child that he interacted with.  He did great exploring the room for about 20 minutes. 
Tyler was talking with one of the other fathers when Keeler asked for a hug.  I looked over and saw that he was crying while Tyler was holding him.  We asked what was the matter and he asked us, “Why is my teacher not teaching me anything?”  It was so sweet and it was hard not to laugh.  We tried to explain that we were just meeting her but he continued to be emotional and at that point we felt that it was best to make our exit.  He proceeded to be upset on the way home.  He said that he was sad because he didn’t get to meet ALL the kids.  He is such a sweet and emotional little guy.  We will continue to pray that he does well with the new adventure.  In the meantime we plan on reading him his books about going to school and build up the experience as much as possible.   

My silly cowboy…” 
My co-worker / dear friend, Maria was so sweet and brought over a huge bag of precious baby clothes for Kallahan.  I started washing some of the clothes – let the nesting begin!  When Keeler saw the little clothes he started asking 100 questions.  I think he was confused that the baby actually had laundry and he was insisting that they were his clothes.  I told him they are too small for him BUT he wanted to try this one on – so we did.  He found it pretty funny that he couldn’t even stand up!

“This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  
Psalms 118:24

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